Technical SEO Audit

There are hundreds of ranking factors that determine your website rank and we understand it’s importance. Our expertize in the meticulous and painstaking technical audit covers:


Evaluation of website compatibility and responsiveness.


Analysis of the website to discover the crawling and indexing issues raised by the search engines.


Feedback on existing site structure to make sure users and search engines get alike experience.


Conduct essential scans to keep the website secure. Examine the site has valid SSL certificate, HTTPS secured, Webmaster is completely clean of critical messages or errors.


Assess internal links. Conduct quality checks of external links to you and your competitors.

Content Audit

Perform an in-depth examination of existing web page content for its quality, uniqueness, relevancy and keywords being targeted.

Technical Issues

Evaluate critical elements like meta tags, canonical links, heading tags, images, speed performance, 404 errors, redirections and more to identify the scope of optimization

Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Review account setup, configurations and evaluate current website performance.

Competitive Analysis

Review top industry players and competitors to determine how well they perform, their tactics, organic performance, visibility in search engines and their backlinks.

Findings, observations and recommendations

Recommendations based on the findings and observations from technical SEO audit.

Increase the Organic Visibility of Your Website

Your online success not only depends on having a great website but also attracting the people that you’re looking to appeal to. Being present is half the picture, being found very much the other. Organic SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of ensuring that search engines rank the right pages on your website as high up the results as possible so that your future customers click through to your website.

In today’s modern digital marketing landscape, Google is still the biggest game in town. Dominating over 90% of the search engine market and with nearly half of all product purchases beginning with a google search, if you’re not present in the search engine results you’re missing out on customers and sales.

For over a decade we’ve been helping our clients win at SEO and maximize qualified website traffic. We deliver white-hat SEO (read safe from penalties) services that optimize content, code and website authority to rank you right up there, and then surpass the competition. Over the years we’ve achieved over 5000 page one ranks for our clients, many in the top positions. In turn, this has resulted in millions in client revenue.

We deliver modern best practice SEO for:

  • Onsite and technical audits
  • Speed improvements
  • Content optimization
  • User experience optimization
  • Digital PR
  • Link and authority building
  • Penalty mitigations

Our dedicated team of SEO experts can help you win at SEO, driving volumes of qualified traffic that converts. We’re always happy to chat through your aims and explore the potential to propel your website high up in the search results.

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Local SEO

Why localise your business SEO?

  • Increase website’s visibility in the local search results and in the local pack
  • Enable mobile users to easily find your business from search engines and directories
  • Ensure your business is found on maps
  • Makes your business stand out from your competitors
  • Targeted geographic campaigns for personalized online experiences

A local-centric aspect of digital marketing

Local SEO, an evolved aspect of digital marketing that has its perks and strengths – being more visible to customers searching online, reaching up to their potential and rapid growth of your business.

Choose BIG O SOFT as your local SEO agency to ramp footfall and sales

With years of experience our local SEO specialists will provide affordable solutions to position your business at the top of your industry.

Choose BIG O SOFT as your auditing partner

We will work closely with your team. Our SEO consultants will diagnose your issues, document the audit, explain what each issue means, prioritize our findings in a roadmap, share recommendation and plot the milestone for your organic search campaign.

BIG O SOFT SEO Agency Services & Features

Keyword Research

Appealing to your customer’s searches

Understanding the queries (or in SEO parlance, the Keywords) that your customers are entering into google when looking for products and services like yours is the essential first step in any campaign to improve your search rankings.

Keyword research looks at many factors such as search volume by geography, how competitive a particular keyword might be to rank for and variants that might help you position your website in that precious number one position.

If you’re selling goods and services online appealing not only to search demand but also search intent will help you drive traffic to your website that converts. For example, someone using the search term “sneakers” is likely having a browse, whereas someone searching for a “Nike air max white size 9” is more likely close to purchasing.

Millions and millions of keywords get entered into Google every day. We sift through all the data using best practice tools to prioritize keywords our SEO clients can win with.

Competitor Research

Understanding who you’re up against and preparing to take the top spots

You can imagine SEO as a bit like a game of scoring points against the competition so that google chooses you as the winner. Except to make things a little more complicated google acts like the referee but never shares the rules. Or for that matter what they’ve changed when they change them, which happens quite a lot.

Therefore our SEO team takes the time to unpick your competitors’ success, and then replicates and surpasses what’s working for them so that you can outrank them.

If you’re in a mature market, such as fashion or travel, the competition will almost certainly have an SEO head start. They might have more content which Google likes or more links which help to tell Google that they’re a popular website, which in turn, they reward with higher rankings.

Therefore, understanding where your competitors are and where they are not points to opportunities for your business to go for so you can rocket up the rankings quickly. Whilst knowing all the levers to pull to make sure you can outperform your competition is the key to long term SEO success.

SEO Consultancy, Strategy & Roadmaps

Planning for steady gains and long term sustainable growth.

Across a massive range of ranking factors, our job is to continually test and make iterative improvements so you can meet your objectives and outperform your competition.

Google ranks websites based on over 1000 individual ranking factors, how your website performs technically, the quality of the content and user experience through external “off-site” indicators that you can be trusted, has a good reputation and have earned authority.

And to do this, it analyzes these factors using a vast amount of clever code and algorithms. It sends out “spiders” that crawl your website links and reads the pages to feed its algorithms. And to retain its competitive advantage, it’ll never release the exact details of what it’s looking for.

Therefore we create best practice SEO roadmaps that leverage our experience and success to create the ranking signals Google looks for. In this game, there’s no overnight fix or silver bullet. Your SEO strategy, therefore, lays out the tactics we plan to undertake step by step and month by month. We then test and review each optimization, page and technical change so we can scale your ranking signals over time. Scoring 150 points each month to your competitors 50 will have you out-ranking them as fast as we are able so you can sit back and watch your traffic grow.

SEO Optimized Content Google Loves

Content is as much the king as ever.

Back in 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled “Content is King” which made a case for content is where the real money would be online. This holds as much today as it did back then.

As clever and as sophisticated as Google has become over the years, for the most part, it still looks to rank contents that are relevant to the search queries users enter into that now-famous search box in the middle of their homepage.

And it’s the content on websites that they then serve up in the search results. Helpful guides that answer someone’s questions about “how to win at SEO.” Or the most relevant shopping destinations according to its algorithms when someone is searching for “classic black dresses” and any one of the other ~6bn searches performed every day.

And thus as many an online marketer has piled into the content game today the bar is higher than ever. To rank your website and content, you’re going to need a volume of carefully crafted, high-quality content that engages your audience and answers their needs.

To propel your business up the search results, you’ll need better content than the rest. That’s where we come in, creating content that’s brilliant for your users and brilliant for SEO.

On-site Technical SEO

Architecture, code and speed optimization for top ranks

The place where you house all that great SEO optimized content also makes for another critical ranking factor, i.e. your website and online presence. In its mission to serve up the most relevant results Google also looks for sites that are professionally crafted, meet all modern technical standards and are fast to load, so its results don’t disappoint the user on the other side of a click.

As such many more ranking signals live under the hood as part of your website’s technical construction and architecture, or how it’s laid out, structured and built.

We’re experts at on-site technical SEO. We create code that web browsers read and display so that Google can easily access and prioritize your content. Sometimes called crawlability, if google can’t find your content or a poor implementation might present a problem for your target audience, you lose points. Or worse, don’t rank at all. And because Google is now prioritizing user experience, load times are critical alongside the usability of your website.

Whether you have an existing website that you’re looking to boost up the search engine rankings or are starting a new project, our on-site technical SEO optimizes every line of code, feature and function for SEO performance.

Off-site SEO

Link Acquisition and Authority Building

So how does Google choose who to rank if everything else is equal? If you and your competitors both have great content and well-optimized websites?

When choosing which website to place in the search results above another, Google further looks at how popular that website is. A popular website is one that it considers trustworthy and authoritative.

To do so, google looks to other relevant websites it trusts and assesses if they’ve linked to your website. Each link counts as a vote in favor of your authority. For example, if your website has a fantastic piece of content about the development of COVID19 vaccines, and it was so good that the BBC or the Guardian linked to it in one of their features they’d take that as a strong signal that you were creating awesome content.

Therefore link building is a crucial part of SEO performance. Our link acquisition services outreach to third party websites relevant to your audience and sector and promote your content. These efforts earn more votes of importance and authority naturally, or inbound links, than your competitors.

Our digital marketing services are linked in to aid your search engine optimization further. People talking about your website and brand on social media, sharing your content and endorsing you with reviews and likes all help fuel the authority you need to rank.

Analytics and Measurement

Measuring, reporting and improving growth and performance

Data is digital marketing’s fuel. Digital technology means that you can measure pretty much every aspect of your website’s performance, from the lead measures of traffic, conversion and revenue through to the percentage drop off of a page or the performance of a specific button.

SEO, too, is a highly measurable discipline. Using a range of best in class toolset, we are expert at measuring every aspect of your online reach and the metrics for SEO optimization in search of continuous improvement.

Our search engine optimization specialists work with digital marketing and website analytics to test, track and trace your performance. We deliver bespoke reports as part of our SEO agency services so you can understand the ROI of improved rankings enabling you to forecast for growth.

International and Local SEO

Ensuring your business is present wherever in the world your audience are

If you’re a global business or have global ambitions, you need your brand to be found in the search results across the world. The local variants of google all have different approaches to search engine optimization, taking into account locally based competition, language variants and the keywords people are using. For example, ranking your beauty product lines in Google Italy will require optimization for “prodotti di bellezza.”

Similarly, if you predominantly operate locally to where you are based, local SEO has its unique approaches. Appearing in the google maps results and leveraging google my business listings can make or break whether people find you when searching for “florist near me” or similar.

We can position your business for organic traffic whether your local, national or global. Our content marketing services ensure your business is relevant to where you’re best placed to acquire customers and drive organic traffic.

7 Reasons to Choose BIG O SOFT for Your SEO Improvements

In the right way. Because we optimize and rank literally 100s of websites every year at the top of the search engine results, we’re up to date with the latest SEO trends and know what works.

Our SEO team brings to the table both years of experience and the benefit of 1000s of tests conducted recently to ramp traffic to your online business.

There’s a lot of tech speak in SEO. There’s also a lot of smoke and mirrors with some of the search engine optimization agencies we compete with make it all sound so complicated that only they can understand what’s going on.

When you choose to work with BIG O SOFT on your SEO, we like to keep it simple. After all, it’s all about driving your bottom line – if you’d like to get into the details and talk tech, no problem. If you’d prefer to sit back, watch your traffic grow and receive full transparency as to what’s going and when we’re your team.

SEO is an ongoing process. You can certainly do a little bit and see results, yet for the longer-term scale, most clients are looking for we need to continually feed Google’s algorithms with new and improving ranking signals.

To do so, we typically charge a single monthly fee, no hidden charges or additional fees.

Because we do everything in house, from design to development, we can get on with the job blending all the skills set required to maximise traffic to your website.

If you’ve worked with an SEO agency previously, that does the analysis and then, in turn, asks you to make a bunch of changes technically with other resources this can prove a real breath of fresh air, saving you time and money. And makes us the ideal one-stop-shop for website growth and performance.

The sites we’ve built and positioned high in the search engines are responsible for driving millions in revenue for client businesses. We blend link acquisition, content marketing, digital marketing and SEO best practice all to result in substantial organic traffic growth. The proofs in the pudding, we’ve delivered page one positions for 100s of clients. Feel free to chat with us, for no obligation, to explore how we can achieve the same for your business.

Traffic is vanity and customers are sanity. If you’re ranking on the third or fourth page for the queries through which you need to be acquiring customers, there’s a decent chance you won’t be getting any clicks.

Clicks result in traffic and only qualified traffic results in conversions or customers. Because we’re real partners in your digital advantage, we focus on what matters the most, your bottom line. Only when you’re growing, making money or blowing all your targets out of the water is our job done. And even then only momentarily before we sit down with you to work out how to scale your business further.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

We have a dedicated team of SEO specialists who will perform the majority of the work for you. When we kick start your campaign and set everything up, we’ll introduce you to your own customer success champion whose job it will be to link our SEO work with your business goals. They’ll be your point person and champion the visibility, brand awareness and relevance you need for results. They aim to surpass your expectations!

Where other team members are needed to help support your SEO campaigns, for example, content creation, web design we’ve got your back. Whether you need technical changes for page speed or to adapt to search algorithm changes, we’ll deploy one of our specialists from the appropriate team seamlessly to get the job done.

Our SEO services are monthly commitments on a month’s notice. We like to prove the efficacy of our SEO tactics and SEO techniques each and every month, so you see the value and choose to stay with us long term rather than tying you into long term contracts.

Google likes content, the higher quality and the more engaging for the user, the better. Quite how much you need to rank well will depend on your competitors. When we set up your campaign, our SEO consultants will help shape the volume required.

You can, of course, contribute your own content to your blog or our copywriters can undertake everything you need on your behalf. We can also create webmaster guidelines and train your people as part of our SEO service such that everything fits together and guns the best search positions.

During our SEO review of your new website, industry, objectives and the likely number of backlinks you’ll need our SEO forecasts will clearly indicate how long we expect it might take to deliver results. Sometimes this can be as quick as a few weeks, in more competitive sectors it can take longer. Don’t worry; however, once you’re on the way to those first page positions you won’t look back.

No problem. We can happily migrate your site from old to new whilst maintaining and improving your SEO performance.

No problem. If you know what you want or would just like us to help with a specific aspect of your SEO campaign just let us know, we’ll quote the work and can get started as soon as the next day providing you’d like to go ahead.

Client Testimonial

Customer feedback



Founder of (MoodyMaps)

We created our Android and iOS apps with the Abdul Wahab, who has exceptional attention to detail and logo experience. The team was always available to answer our questions and provide guidance, and they were truly invested in our success, which made it really easy to work with them. We are incredibly pleased with the results, and we would not hesitate to work with Bigosoft again.



CEO of (Project Lambo)

Project Lambo has been a very intense project that required working very closely with the team at Bigosoft. Their knowledge and expertise about developing a gaming app from scratch including the NFTs and website has truly left us without any complaints. They have been incredibly responsive to our needs, and always delivered high-quality work on time and within agreed upon budget. Without a doubt, we would highly recommend Bigosoft to anyone looking for a top-notch development partner.


Iqbal Khan

Founder of (RajaRani)

Bigosoft has truly transformed our dating platform, propelling a startup with minimal digital presence to unexpectedly impressive heights. They meticulously crafted an app that seamlessly connects singles, a website that authentically portrays our brand, and a marketing strategy that drives engagement and growth. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has been instrumental in transforming Rajarani into a premier dating destination. Highly appreciated by us!.



I was very fortunate to have been connected with Wahab, he has been an absolute asset for bringing my vision to reality. The website is curated exactly how I wanted it, despite all the constant changes, his patience, and expertise were evident in every aspect of the design and development process. I would always choose BigOsoft going forward to anyone seeking digital advise.


Lux Home Decor

We needed to completely change the aesthetic of our e-commerce platforms, to attract the right clientele towards our products. Abdullah at bigosoft has tremendously helped us create a website that showcases our luxurious home decor products with elegance and sophistication. Their attention to detail was meticulous, and their understanding of our brand was impeccable. It really felt like all our needs were put before anything else, leaving us completely satisfied with the results of the finished products. We are already seeing positive feedback from customers, all thanks to bigosoft.


Group 351

Bigosoft has been an invaluable partner in our quest to transform our chauffeur service brand. They seamlessly crafted a website that not only reflects our elite service but also strategically engages our target audience. Iqbal's marketing expertise in driving traffic and generating leads has been instrumental in expanding our clientele and solidifying our position as a premier chauffeur service provider. We wholeheartedly endorse Bigosoft's exceptional web development and growth marketing capabilities. A big thanks to Iqbal and Abdullah for handling both fronts of marketing and development.



Bigosoft's point of sale and inventory management system has revolutionized our operations. It is logo-friendly, efficient, and scalable, and it has helped us streamline our processes and improve our overall customer service. The software developed by Abdul Wahab's team is now running on 22 different stores, completely capable of handling all the traffic. We are incredibly grateful for their expertise and dedication, and we would highly recommend them to any business seeking a robust and reliable point of sale and inventory management system.


Driveron Canada

Developing a learning management system can be tricky as a lot of variables and deep understanding of the systems comes into consideration. The team at BigOsoft completely understood this and has been an invaluable asset in our driver training program. The new system is easy to use, engaging, and highly customizable, and it has helped us improve the training experience for our drivers. We are very pleased with the results, and we would highly recommend Bigosoft to any organization seeking a cutting-edge solutions in education technology.

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