Plan and optimize your digital customer experience.

When looking to create a compelling digital product, be that on the web or mobile, or both, how your user’s experience what you have to offer can make or break your project.

In today’s modern digital world, people are used to the optimal web experiences honed overtime of the big guys. And in their search for products, services or content to answer their needs slick, beautiful, fast and easy to use experiences are far more likely to gain and retain their attention.

In fact, in the digital world where a competitor, distraction or alert is a click away, coupled with our shorter attention spans and heightened expectations, your digital product has to win the attention game.

As such, when embarking on a new digital project, user experience design is the art of attraction, appeal and engagement. At BIG O SOFT, our highly experienced user experience consultants deliver customer-centric user interfaces and experience design that delights, taking into consideration:

  • In-depth user research to understand what matters for your customers
  • Product/market fit
  • User journeys and flows
  • Prototyping and minimal viable product development to test and learn
  • Optimal experiences enabled through features and content.
  • Feedback cycles and user testing to iteratively improve
  • Usability testing and compliance against all modern standards

Whether you’re a startup setting out on your journey towards world domination or have a mature digital product you’re looking to improve, our user experience designers are ready to get stuck in realizing your digital advantage.

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What is User Experience Design?

First, let’s start with the user experience. When people come to a website or app, they read not only the content but also “experience” how it works, how it flows, how it makes them feel.

And feeling here is quite important. You’ll likely know from your own online experience how frustrating it can be when the website you’ve visited fails to answer the question you had in mind when visiting, or make it easy to find the product you’re looking for and so on.

As such, user experience design is a very human approach to delivering digital experiences that can stand your brand apart from everyone else, in all the right ways. UX design, as its often abbreviated to, takes a user-centered approach to every user-facing aspect of digital experience. From how accessible your app is, to how easy it is to interface with its content and features, through ergonomics and speed.

Creating the very best user experience is as much art as it is science. It’s about knowing the right visual design cues, through presenting products and information optimally. Data, research and analytics, inform a great deal of our UX design science, whilst the artistry of visual design appeal completes the picture.

User Experience Design Features


Researching User Needs and Motivations

A crucial component of digital advantage is taking the time to think hard about who you want to appeal to, with what and how. This step matters whether you are designing a new company website or a global community. And perhaps more crucially, why they should care and why they should give you their precious time and attention.

We begin the design process of carefully crafting fantastic user experiences by helping you understand the needs and motivations of your target audience (if you haven’t already). And if you’re already on top of your user research, we can assist in filling any gaps with our proven user-centric approaches.

As the need states and motivations of your target audience are understood and catalogued we build on this understanding to design the most compelling ways for your products and services come to life digitally.

Usable and Useful

Creating value at each touchpoint

If we stopped and thought about it, we could all list a whole bunch of things we valued. From that precious heirloom to that rather worn yet favorite t-shirt. However, value is a very subjective thing, especially given that we’re all very different.

When you design digital experiences, the aim is to create value for your users. Whereas this may seem a little abstract, consider that once we’ve understood their needs, we need to answer them as best as we can. And ideally better than our competitors.

For example, a tourist visiting a new city will need to navigate the unfamiliar streets, and may well be in search of the best local restaurants. A digital experience that answers these needs, by providing maps and genuine reviews, could no doubt prove valuable. Hence google maps, trip advisor and city mapper all promise the best user experience. And the one that answers each tourist needs best will likely win them over and be used at their next destination, earning loyalty.

As such, the user experience design process centers around creating something both useful and usable for users. Our interaction design services craft slick experiences that are easy to use regardless of device. While information architecture looks at the structure and layout of content and features so a user can efficiently find what they’re looking for or achieve their goals (perhaps a booking at the best Paella place in Barcelona!)

Together our approach to UX design crafts experiences people value. And our UX consultants and interaction design experts know how to ensure your product or services hit just the right chords.

Desirable and appealing

Must have user experiences that truly delight

You’ll also be wanting to look the part. Your business is unique and everything else being the same your future customers will choose you over someone else if they’re attracted to how well you present yourself digitally.

Interaction design for excellent UX also takes into account the visual representation of your brand and how it compels users to their goals. From the styling of navigation elements such as buttons and forms through products pages that stand out and encourage purchase.

You might have nailed your information architecture, features and functions yet if your digital products fail to appeal then you’re only halfway there.

Akin to the shop window that draws you in on the high street, or the iPhone packaging design that makes for that precious first day moment, we create for our client’s user experience that not only works amazingly but also sparks that precious feel of desirability.

Trustworthy and credible

Establishing your brand as one worth spending time with

All of us who have spend time online are spoilt for choice. Millions of website all vying for our eyeballs, disposable income or perhaps just want to make us laugh.

Trust and credibility online are hard-fought and easily lost. That unique shop window that draws people in won’t result in value if the products promised are poorly presented once inside or impossible to find.

Similarly, when it comes to high performing UX design too many clicks, poor search results or design layouts that confuse or detract from the user’s needs are all the enemy.

At BIG O SOFT our talented UX design team have carefully honed over a decade of experience the art of building online trust and credibility.

When your users trust that you’ll deliver on your promise to meet their needs and have little reason to go elsewhere you’ll find they want to come back for more. Our UX design work helps build the trust and credibility you need for digital advantage.

Smiles, delights and shares

Creating those online moments people can’t resist sharing

Whereas there’s a considerable number of tools and techniques in our UX design toolbox, perhaps the primary measure of success you should aim for is simply to delight.

When user-centric interaction design, information architecture and visual design appeal all come together to create the best possible user experience your users will smile and share.

Whereas this may seem simplistic, we champion this end-goal for user experience design. After all, this is all about your users. When everything just works, people smile, when the experience is so good, people want to share it with their friends.

And if you feel like your product or service rarely gets a smile at the best of times, then keeping focused on avoiding frustration and promoting ease of use serves just as well. Whereas it might not be a grin from ear to ear UX design that’s simple to navigate and always works is a digital must-have.

Building Digital Business Advantage

Meeting and surpassing your digital goals

At BIG O SOFT, we’re partners in your digital advantage. This means that when we help you create unique user-centric design experiences, we also help propel forward your business. For a digital product or website UX that works brilliantly for customers also means they convert to customers.

Further, great experiences help drive great reviews and recommendations. If you’re in eCommerce if people buy from you and have a great experience they’re far more likely to drop you a 5-star review which in turn results in more customers.

While if you’re more simply presenting your breadth of services online, and looking for people to engage with your content, sign up for a newsletter or perhaps give you a call you need to deliver a design experience that meets, and ideally exceeds, their expectations. It’s no secret that a sub-optimal UX design can lose website visitors within seconds before they’ve even come to consider how they might engage with you further.

As such, we’re experts in crafting UX design to meet your business goals, regardless of your size or ambition. From your first company website to world-class mobile apps used globally, we’re here to help you smash your digital business goals.

7 Reasons to Choose BIG O SOFT for Your User Experience Design Project?

When you choose to work with BIG O SOFT, we want to come to know you, your business and your customer. Our work is at its best when it delivers UX design that your users love. Simple as that. And the route to achieving this is to place them front and center of the process, thinking about them, what they want and why it matters. Through proven research approaches, data and rich insights, we craft UX design to attract, appeal and convert.

Our UX team in Barcelona, London and India have been in the digital marketing game for over a decade. We create 100s of world-class UX designs every year. We’ve grown client business from their first users to becoming multimillion-pound organizations. It’s many years of UX and interaction design experience that enable us to craft user experience designs for your project to stand it head and shoulder above the competition.

We think we’re pretty good at what we do. But we also recognise that UX design best practice never stands still, and there is always so much to learn. Each carefully constructed UX design is a product of everything we’ve learnt. And it doesn’t stop there; we test each of our designs with real users, invite feedback, iterate and keep moving you forward because for us nothing less than amazing is just what we do.

We also know that great user experience is not just about design, but also how it’s built and how it’s marketed. Everything needs to work in harmony to achieve your digital advantage. If you’re seeking a user experience agency partner, look out for one that has the supporting skill sets to take UX design into execution and make it live. We’re one of those agencies, and our dedicated UX consultants work hand in hand with our 215 strong development and digital marketing teams to not only plan for excellent UX design but also realise it.

We spend time pouring other the theory, case studies, test data and broader market examples of best practice so that we know where the market is going and what makes for best in class. Simply put, we deliver best in class UX design as standard.

And because the game keeps moving forward, we help you stay ahead of the curve. New technologies come about all the time in digital from the rise of chatbots to a plethora of connected devices around the corner as 5G rolls out. Regardless of your business aims, we work in close partnership to continuously improve. A small tweak here, a new feature there, we’re always looking for opportunities for your UX design to drive more customer value.

If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance you’re looking to commission a project or move and existing UX design forward. You might even be missing out on user engagement or conversion and not even know. When working to create amazing UX design, there’s your own time involves in any UX development work alongside what you might spend with your choice of UX agency.

At BIG O SOFT, we work to ensure you receive a return on your investment as fast as possible. We gear our cost-effective services for your digital advantage. Neither overcooked nor overpriced, when you work with us, we focus on results and return in the fastest possible time.

User Experience Design FAQs

Although closely related think of user interface design, or UI, as where and how people interact with your product or service. What buttons of links they click, how the menus work and so on. Whereas user experience design is a more emotive approach to how they feel when they “experience” your product. Our teams working on user research, UI design, and designing UX all work collaboratively for the best result.

We like to describe this as a bit like an architect drafting house blueprints. They’re designing how it works and how it fits together. Their designing how it will make people feel when they enter the home. Akin to our UX design services.

On the other hand, web design is when we start actually to design pages and layouts. Or to use the analogy a bit like once the client calls in the interior decorators to make sure each room is stylish and inviting.

We blend insights that we can gain from you as the business owner with the most appropriate market, qualitative and quantitative research methods to gain insight into user needs. It’s worth noting that sometimes what we need to craft a great UX is already known, and sometimes its a series of activities to explore and validate. If you’re curious to learn more about how we design UX for users, feel free to drop us a line for a chat.

When creating UX design, we leverage a range of tools matched to each project, not least each of our clients has different businesses and aims. Our UX design process includes all of the above and more depending on the scope and complexity of your project. We’re also equally happy running a lean and fast prototyping approach to UX design if you want to move fast or for smaller projects that need to be delivered at pace or within specific budget constraints.

We love chatting about everything UX design. Fee free to drop us a line for a no-obligation chat over coffee or zoom – we promise to not only help shape your project but also share some ideas and tip to move your ideas forward.

Client Testimonial

Customer feedback



Founder of (MoodyMaps)

We created our Android and iOS apps with the Abdul Wahab, who has exceptional attention to detail and logo experience. The team was always available to answer our questions and provide guidance, and they were truly invested in our success, which made it really easy to work with them. We are incredibly pleased with the results, and we would not hesitate to work with Bigosoft again.



CEO of (Project Lambo)

Project Lambo has been a very intense project that required working very closely with the team at Bigosoft. Their knowledge and expertise about developing a gaming app from scratch including the NFTs and website has truly left us without any complaints. They have been incredibly responsive to our needs, and always delivered high-quality work on time and within agreed upon budget. Without a doubt, we would highly recommend Bigosoft to anyone looking for a top-notch development partner.


Iqbal Khan

Founder of (RajaRani)

Bigosoft has truly transformed our dating platform, propelling a startup with minimal digital presence to unexpectedly impressive heights. They meticulously crafted an app that seamlessly connects singles, a website that authentically portrays our brand, and a marketing strategy that drives engagement and growth. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has been instrumental in transforming Rajarani into a premier dating destination. Highly appreciated by us!.



I was very fortunate to have been connected with Wahab, he has been an absolute asset for bringing my vision to reality. The website is curated exactly how I wanted it, despite all the constant changes, his patience, and expertise were evident in every aspect of the design and development process. I would always choose BigOsoft going forward to anyone seeking digital advise.


Lux Home Decor

We needed to completely change the aesthetic of our e-commerce platforms, to attract the right clientele towards our products. Abdullah at bigosoft has tremendously helped us create a website that showcases our luxurious home decor products with elegance and sophistication. Their attention to detail was meticulous, and their understanding of our brand was impeccable. It really felt like all our needs were put before anything else, leaving us completely satisfied with the results of the finished products. We are already seeing positive feedback from customers, all thanks to bigosoft.


Group 351

Bigosoft has been an invaluable partner in our quest to transform our chauffeur service brand. They seamlessly crafted a website that not only reflects our elite service but also strategically engages our target audience. Iqbal's marketing expertise in driving traffic and generating leads has been instrumental in expanding our clientele and solidifying our position as a premier chauffeur service provider. We wholeheartedly endorse Bigosoft's exceptional web development and growth marketing capabilities. A big thanks to Iqbal and Abdullah for handling both fronts of marketing and development.



Bigosoft's point of sale and inventory management system has revolutionized our operations. It is logo-friendly, efficient, and scalable, and it has helped us streamline our processes and improve our overall customer service. The software developed by Abdul Wahab's team is now running on 22 different stores, completely capable of handling all the traffic. We are incredibly grateful for their expertise and dedication, and we would highly recommend them to any business seeking a robust and reliable point of sale and inventory management system.


Driveron Canada

Developing a learning management system can be tricky as a lot of variables and deep understanding of the systems comes into consideration. The team at BigOsoft completely understood this and has been an invaluable asset in our driver training program. The new system is easy to use, engaging, and highly customizable, and it has helped us improve the training experience for our drivers. We are very pleased with the results, and we would highly recommend Bigosoft to any organization seeking a cutting-edge solutions in education technology.

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